Looking for a Tugboat Service in Lincoln County, Oregon?

Wiggins Towboat Co has been serving the Yaquina River System since 2002.  We provide general towing services between the Ports of Newport and Toledo, Oregon.  This includes service to ALL boat repair and service yards. 
In addition to the 500hp Tug: "Thea K", Wiggins Tug also provides mobile tugboat service with our 20', shallow draft, 120hp truckable tug "Nakota" - this tug has proven itself time and time again on local construction projects to operations in Northern California's inland lakes.
Besides moving fishing vessels, construction barges and clearing debris booms, Wiggins Tug & Haul provides 10-12 yard dump truck support services within Lincoln County.  This includes both residential and commercial hauling.
Whether you need towing services or dump truck service, Wiggins Tug & Haul has you covered on the Water and on the Beach!


Wiggins offers truckable tugboat services by way of our 20′, 160hp steel dozer tug, the “Nakota.”  The Nakota is shallow draft, easily mobilized by wet-trailer and is appropriate for clearing debris booms, dams and reservoirs to construction...

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Wiggins provides commercial trucking services to the construction and forest industries.  This involves rock and dirt hauling, road maintenance and rocking of coastal logging roads.

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General marine towing services is what started it all.  Wiggins offers general towing of fishboats, construction barges and support to specialty projects, such as wave energy buoy deployments and retrievals to salvage operations on the Yaquina River System; this...

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